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 Težko říct, kam tohle video zařadit. Jedeme ve všem a přitom nikde:o))).



we are back!
We totally are in agility, so we are every day on our training place and run:o))). Our slalom gets better every SECOND and we have 100% of independant cik/caps. I´m so happy and proud together!!! Can not find right words…!!!
Sorry, I had to say it:o). I cant´wait for spring running contacts!!!
Now, this is where we are:
4in -- the biggest deal is as usual keep her calm:o))) but this trick has some duration now; I didn´t make the box smaller and only work on this.
heeling -- we had understanding of circling her hind legs but without a target she turns too much. Steps (even one small) can not be done, she totally doesn´t know what to do with it.
frog -- time to time she looks like she forgets every cues she ever had:o))). Words are for my dogs so unuseful, there is no need to talk, just show with my body and hand… So we work on verbal cue every day. Sometimes she gets crazy because she just doesn´t understand and she would like to so much:o)))
work with paws -- it is prefectly OK but crossing paws made me thing many nights:o). I must have treats on oposite hand to force her not to move right (although she doesn´t notice them in her bowl). We have some nice touches now but problem is down position:o))) and stay calm after click…
hand stand -- verbal cue is there but I really dont´n know how to fade an object she uses. If I´m in the middle of room, she just go somewhere to the wall and uses it:o))).
sit up -- I partly help myself with luring. Her front thigh is short so this is not easy for her.
backing up -- is much better in open air, we have 4 or 5 meters of independant backing up
bowls -- I must buy some bowls:o))) but now she can hold it until click:o)
ball -- she backs up:o))) no forwards:o)))
Can I send you our CIK/CAPs? We have in on full hight (medium).
Sorry for very long comentary. It will never happend again:o))).



naslovna23Wow, so happy to hear that!!! I knew you can do it!!! Great job with the tricks too, great progress with duration with 4in, so seems like you can go to even smaller object next :) Then perfect position on a target, try to only use a flat target now and make it smaller&smaller until it’s just a mark on the floor. Once she is good at that, you can try to move away from it, but still in circles, just making them bigger&bigger so that there are more&more elements of forward and side movement in every step – until you can make a straight step forward too :) Great frog and getting there with the crosses, that was a very good idea to think of that! Don’t worry about the duration for now, then add it slowly by delaying the click. Cool handstand too, but you need to fade the object gradually, it’s normal she can’t do a freestand just yet. Try an empty object like a chair next, then move to lamp poles and then to thinner&thinner poles to give her less&less support. Jackpot when she pushes up all the way. Sit up looks good, you can try lesson 6 exercises as well. And yes, you certainly need a 2nd object for the bowl to bowl trick. You can use a box or a basket as well. Maybe even a plate. Very cool spins and no worries if she prefers to roll it back – that’s fine as well. And sure, send the cik&caps too!





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