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Running Contacts Class

covers training running contacts from a scratch, but also those, further in the process are more than welcome to join, I’m sure we can fill some holes there might have been in the training so far. You will all be posting videos of wherever in a training process you are as I think most of our participants have already done some plank work. The purpose of the class is to address the whole process step by step, giving you immediate feedback to your videos and offer problem solving when needed.

You will get 5 to-do lists, one every three weeks, so this class goes on for 4 months (with 2-week break in between), so that’s enough time to get from a flat plank to a full dog-walk and also address the turns. To participate in this class, you need a plank (3.8m for FCI or 12 feet for US), enough room (minimally 15m) and a video camera. At last steps, you will also need an access to full size dog-walk, let’s say at least two to three times a week (depending on how much in a hurry you are :) ). If you’re joining with a puppy, you will complete the process later on, but you’re welcome to start off the right way with us if your puppy is at least 5 months for smaller breeds or 6 for BC size.

To audit, you don’t need anything :) As an auditor, you see all the videos and comments and can ask questions, but only participants post videos and get feedback on their videos.

To really make the class as good as possible, I decided that all participants get a package of Running Contact video + 15 weeks of feedback. I believe that will make the class even better as you will get a really good picture on what to work towards right at the start and then we can really focus on each dog rather as discussing general questions. Because RC video is included, the price is a bit higher, BUT if you already have a DVD, the price is actually LOWER as it was (as I’m expecting to have much less work explaining everything! :) ).


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