Puppy class November 2018

A zase tu máme klikací parádu s tetou Silvií. Aktuální videa i s komentem k zhlédnutí tady na stránce níže. Zadání jednotlivých úkolů se objeví po rozkliknutí Puppy class November 2018 v liště vedle.

our first video – 4in and touch with front paws. The box is the same when she was puppy, so it gets smaller as she grows:o).


Looks great already! For 4in, keep this size yes, but reduce rewarding to only rewarding for all 4in next and not for in between steps anymore.

Paw touches look good too, so try various positions and objects next – also some weird ones, noisy ones etc. And you can also add a cue to it.


recalls. She has uncomfortable radius for me, she goes too far. Right from the beginning. When I ask her to work with me in the woods, she will and nothing will distract her but when I let her on her own, she hunts. In any other case I recall her pretty reliably. Dogs, cars, children,… nothing is problem anymore.


 No free time in the woods then if she takes off… – too dangerous!

The recalls here looked great! Just avoid places where she could find something to hunt… – It’s self-reinforcing and gets worse&worse…

And frog:o))). I don´t know what to do. She never offered it. First I tried to push her back down but I push pretty hard and I don´t like it. So I tried to put my leg under her belly (she killed all of the pillows we had at home:o))), but it didn´t work.

   For a frog, don’t push no, it’s actually dangerous if you are too rough. Maybe try a rolled up blanket?

some news from Liberec:o).
Recall is much better when she is with me alone (although older girls do not go into the forest), so we will work on it.
Touch with front paws in different positions waits for outside. But there is dark or rainy. Or both. We had some problems with pot-lid. I made it next time a little bit easier.
And frog:o))). Well, we tried:o))).


Very cool! Paw touches look great, so you can focus on adding a cue now, so we can start with verbal discrimination next. Keep working on noisy targets too, just very gradually – that lid on hard flooring was too much for now, so go to thinner&thinner mats gradually. Reward the more the more sound she makes.

Looks like a good start of a frog to me! Great progress in just this short video, so just continue with this set up, jackpotting for the best hits.

Good morning,
after pretty big fight for ONE piece of food lost on the floor we taped this. My small Bubu cannot be underestimated:o))). Everybody is OK.
We already started with some tricks before this class, and for some of them I used luring. Just because I want her to know it and we do some obedience and our trainer has pretty good conception I think and she use luring…
I like shaping more but the true is I´m not able to catch and shape all the precision.
So, I like all we do every minute. I click for Bubu a Dýdý again and I/we love it. They are so different!!!

Oh no for the fight!!! But yes, I agree luring is sometimes the best way to go and use it as well. I just don’t do it with young puppies who still need to figure out the shaping – or with some tricks where I really want thinking about those hind feet. But I use it for spins, figure 8s between my legs and fo most of conditioning tricks that we do.

Some very cool backing up! Keep going for more&more steps.

Offering plenty on pivoting as well! Just make sure to only click when her legs are moving – not after she stops already. Reward in the direction that promotes the direction of movement she offered.

Yay for the frog! Getting better&better!!!

sit up and pivot. One side is much worse. But her flexibility is incredible:o))).

 Great sit up – beautiful form and balance! You can also try a stay in the position as you move farther and eventually also around her.

On pivoting, you’re luring too much and it takes your focus off clicking for movement – you were mostly clicking her for standing instead of moving! Try focusing on clicking movement and reward by tossing treats behind her, I think that will work better.

For 4in, I would probably work some more on one size bigger. And again – pay attention to what you’re clicking… It should be an action leading towards 4in – OR duration of 4in. Not duration of 3in or stepping out etc.

For paw crosses, go for more&more of a cross next. Or you could try grabbing (see important posts) instead, it might be easier to get the paws to touch that way.


well my clicking would need to fix:o).
I tried 4in again and this evening she was pretty sure what I asked her.
And what is the next step with our frog? I put hand on her back but this time I really didn´t push any hard and try to click weight push forward.


Much better!!! No problem with 4in when she stays focused and calm! – And when you stay focused and calm with your clicker!!! 

Yay for the frog too! You can already make a support object a bit thinner and then keep working on duration.

Hi, our playing from non-snow times:o)))

I think crossing paws is pretty nice. Should I try second paw right now or stay with this one?
But 2on2off is not good at all. We clicked for this trick few times after this video but she offers circles with front paws first (no backing as it can be seen on this video) and I think she has no idea what to do…


Playing and fetching great! You can still add the 2nd toy into the picture to speed her up on that fetch.

Crosses going great too! You can focus on duration next and also start fading the target, so it becomes just a quick hand cue. And you can start with the other direction as well yes.

For 2on2off, a bit bigger object would be better and then I would just sit next to it and free shape it like you do at the end, so not doing forward direction until she finds her position consistently and has an idea about staying there until the release with some distractions. And then go for forward direction.


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