RC carpet, poles

Vrátili jsme se do Liberce, abysme my holky mohly trénovat:o))).

today it was training mainly for me:o).
There was no chance for Bubu to stay on a flat plank so I returned back to carpet and used poles to show her she should run through:o). The plan for tomorrow is to put flated AF under the carpet with the poles again and then on the next session I will try to send her on the flat plank again (with poles of course:o)
Today I JP everything because I tried what will work:o))). And JP is food -- chicken hearts. I also tried to see leaps or contacts and good new is I can see HF pretty good, bad new is I cannot see anything about FF:o))).
Well, she run pretty good:o)))!

naslovna23Cool, running nicely and mostly hitting great!!! Definitely ready for the plank! Make sure the AF is thin enough before using it flat! If not, two planks side by side would be better to help her stay on.


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