Plank under the carpet

Je vedro na chcípnutí! Jediná obstojná doba, kdy se konečně k něčemu dostaneme, je večer. S trpaslíkem jsme tohle natáčeli od osmi do čtvrt na deset a stejně bylo vedro. Takže příště se místo tréninku jdeme válet k vodě.

here are our next attempts. I don´t send you everything -- the numbers in the tape are true, so some runs are cut because they were still the same.
Until attepmt 18 we tried to change the distance of a pole she wraped. Nothing helped. There were also some wrong throws or she didn´t run on the plank. Some R are after break or after distance change like she forgot where the end of the plank was and it made her not to jump.
After 18 it became better -- I have two explanations:o): first -- she was tired already; her extension was shorter but hey! she didn´t leap and I could rewarded her (finally!!!)! second (and I hope this is it) -- we changed her starts: she had to sit and wait until my release cue, than wrap and run. Last week we were in agility camp and this control helped us very much so I tried it also here… Today in the evening we will verify it -- I hope.

I don´t believe that every dog would run with me so many times. I would like to help her somehow. Still these lessons are mainly for me how to manage things to make her run. She is soooo patient!!! I love her.



naslovna23Cool, hopefully it works next time too! I think big part of the problem is a thick plank though, so if you keep getting leaps (or they keep coming back), certainly try to get a thinner plank to start with and then use this one as a support once you start raising the thin plank.


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