Bojujeme s heelingem. Bojovaly bysme líp, kdybysme bojovaly, ale jsem flákač línej, takže bojujeme jenom občas. A pak je to boj...

játhere is our heeling.
I don´t know why but this is the hardest trick we ever did.
We both are impatient and I don´t really know what I want from her.
Well, I want from her to sit and touch my leg. What if she sits +/- on the right place but doesn´t touch the leg? It looks like the cue is my movement not the word I use. And when I use the verbal cue (or any sound) she starts to be nervous and she does worse. If I try only stand still and wait for her decision, she stars to offer backing and DOWN and because I still do nothing she starts to bark and jump…:o))) and it would never ends. AAAAAAAAh!:o)))
There are things what went good on the video. I cut off jumping and barking:o). There is one part on the video where you can see she started to get crazy.

naslovna23Looks good to me! You can add more&more movement, but still reward in the position a lot so she figures out that’s a really cool place to be. She doesn’t need to actually touch you as long as she is really really close. If she gets too confused, give her a short break (put her in down maybe?) and then try again. But you can help with your movement some for now. To get better understanding of verbals, maybe try this (odkaz na Silviiny dřívější rady jiným spolubojovníkům, zakódováno)

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