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 Je opravdu krásně, kluci šli na plážák, tak jsem s Bubíškem vyrazila na zahradu a trochu jsme klikaly. Trpaslík je báječná a snaží se převelice tuze! Já jsem pořád trochu zabržděná s reakcema a dělá mi potíže opravdu šejpit a nepomáhat rukama a tělem a bůhví čím ještě:o))).

játhe weather is impossible here, almost 30 degrees, so I took us outside to do some clicking:o).
First is our game - Bubu can play anytime with anything. She loves chasing as well as tugging, she loves hunting her by me - she usually gets crazy and runs around with her tail down and front paws up. I think she thinks our lessons are game as well, so everything is perfect … but me:o))).
For 4in I took a smaller box and it looks still too big, so next time…
Circling around is a little bit strange - she lost this trick since I changed it to heel position trick.
Backing is one of her favourite tricks. Sometimes she jumps back but it depends how energie she feels:o))). In room there are no jumps anymore…
I taped our paws trick. Can I use this trick to continue with crossing the paws? She usually takes a rest like that but I  usually don´t have anything to treat her. I already use a verbal cue to tell her which paw to use. What to do with this?
And in the end there is our very good working trick. If I only would know how I did it so cool, things would be easier:o))).


No problems with playing!:) Great 4in too, looks ready for a smaller box yes! Pivoting needs some refreshing, so keep practising, always rewarding with the head away. The backing up, try to make it independent from your movement, so that you can stand still. Try rewarding with a toy so that you can reward at the distance, throwing a toy to her, as that will make it easier to add distance. Very nice paws too, you can certainly continue towards crossing legs from here, having her give you a paw more&more in the direction of the other paw. And yes, really nice and fast figure 8s!



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