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S Bubíšem jsme repetenti. Už jsem vycvičená od Artýska a propadání mi nevadí:o))). Vlastně si to nesmírně užívám...!

here are our first lesson tasks.
touch: I named it and she did it:o))). I tried it also outside and it worked:o).
food control: she learned to look into my eyes, so I let it be and click for it
4in: this is really small bowl but she can do it, such a big control, I´m very proud about her:o)
frog: still one of our favorite and it works with verbal cue
recall: usually I can call her from anywhere but sometimes she finds something really disqusting (dead fish or human poo:o) and than we have a little smelly problem:o))) but I don´t have much problems with recalls
But! I study RC DVD and can you tell if her running is good enough or we should work on it along the video? Thanks.

 naslovna23Great!!! Good idea to try paw touches on other objects as well -- great for generalization skills! And wow, that sure is impressive 4in!!! -- Doesn’t get any smaller as that :) Great job also with food ignorance, a frog and a recall! -- Recalling from disgusting things is the hardest for my dogs as well yes… Ugh…

The running, I could see better in slow motion… But looks like not much reach and o.k. separation (not a lot of it, but some) -- that would worry me with another breed, but I think with her structure, that’s what you’ll have to work with… It’s a bit harder as she will need to be more precise with her hits (as she doesn’t cover much ground with one hit), but it can be done! -- Just working with one Sheltie who has the same problem and he is progressing well, so you can start with carpet/plank and see what you get.


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