RC 2013 RUN - třináct lekcí

Jsme zpátky s natáčecím zařízením:o))) a s naší snahou o RC. Je to taková Sysifovská práce, ale co nadělám. Je to Bubíš:o)))! Běháme od pondělí 19. 8. a všechno je v tomhle článku...

24. 9. úterý

I really don´t care about RC anymore. I just want to know WHY she leaps on that strange places. It looked like she leaped at the end of anything so I tried to make non-ending set:o).
There is the end of DW fluently changing into the carpet which has the highest percentage of run. And right on the first try she leaped somewhere in the middle!!! I don´t understand it at all. And yes, during the session we changed some conditions to make it more comfortable for her but the first run went me crazy! In the end of the video there are some released runs…
I´m sorry for the length of this video but this is the whole session try by try.

naslovna23Well, the good thing is that the leaps moved to the end of the carpet, so she is actually running the DW well :) So maybe just use even longer carpet to move the leaps even farther away from the end of a DW, simply start clicking the end of a DW and let her leap the end of the carpet. Of course, fading the carpet later on might be tricky, but at least we could get some practice of running first -- and maybe she figures out it’s not that bad to just run afterall :)

18. 9. středa

I wondered about the surfaces -- plank is tough, grass is soft. Tough surface make her leaps so we had one session on tough floor (tartan -- athletes runs on this surface) and she run like this.

In fact I have no idea how to put plank under the carpet because the carpet is wider than the plank and if I only put plank under, it can make her to step beside and hurt her (it happened few times but nothing horrible) because no plank would be seen. Is this sentence understandable?:o)))

naslovna23Looks good! Maybe you need a plank with tartan over! You can make carpet the same width as plank to put it over the plank… Or actually get some kind of rubber…

15. 9. neděle

on Friday we were one more time on set plank-carpet-tunel and things are even worse -- not because Bubu -- she is still the same:o))) but me. After evening session with video I realised that most of my rewards were wrong! In her fast movement I can not recognize if she leaped or run and even my helper made some decisions wrong. We just didn´t see it. Commentary in video are from evening not from afternoon running.

Next day I tried only carpet and it looked like she can run:o))) -- time to time:o). Then I put the tunel into the picture and after few runs I noticed she JUMPED INTO THE TUNEL!!! So I taped only tunel.


naslovna23Yes, carpet still looks good -- it’s probably really the difference in surface that makes her leap. You can still use the tunnel, but far enough that it doesn’t matter if she leaps there -- and maybe try the plank-carpet set up again (maybe with plank on the ground to avoid bad approaches though) to see if we can get her to run plank the same way as carpet…

11. 9. středa

today planty of leapy ends -- in fact all leapy ends. So we ended the session. She leaps into the tunel so I can not recognize it very good, my only chance is to notice her front legs -- she puts them much higher when leaps…
She leaps only the last step and I think I ruined her with bad rewards. I´m frustrated and don´t know what to do.

naslovna23And if you use just carpet, no plank at all, does she still run well or leaps as well? Another idea that comes to mind, but it was not tested at all yet, is to start with very short distance gtcg on a raised plank and then slowly move her back… Maybe she wouldn’t leap when she is still accelerating?

jáSo I can try only carpet again and see what happen. And I will also observe how she runs normaly into the tunel.
Sometimes it looks like she doesn´t understand the system of rewards at all. She is SOOO happy when she can “run” and work with me -- it completely cuts her brain off. It looks like: Yay, my life is beautiful! I have a ball all the time and sometimes food but who cares about when and how much! I can run and bark and jump with Svata. Happy, happy, happy!!!:o)))
It is much better when we train static tricks but teach her anything when she moves is doubtable.

naslovna23Yes, not caring about rewarding system could certainly make it harder… Maybe you need to switch to a toy, thrown after… -- Or have a helper at the end of a tunnel who either throws a toy or not, depending on how she does…

1. 9. neděle

we little bit changed the set. The carpet is IN the tunel…
One session on Saturday one on Sunday.

I rewarded all of these tries.

naslovna232nd session looks especially good! I think you can move the plank some to the right, so she sees more or a plank + tunnel is farther -- but keep the carpet-tunnel as it is.

 27. 8. úterý

here is our today´s session.
It is not in SlowMotion because I haven´t my cameraman:o). Can you see anything in it?
Sometimes I made mistakes with rewards but still I think we have much more successfull tries…

naslovna23Yes, I can see it. -- Would like to see even more running though :) But yes, do some more sessions and keep track of % of running to see if it’s getting better or not.

26. 8. pondělí

these are our tunel attempts. The comentary under in video are all questions -- if I am able to clasify her tries well. The changes we made during the session were always after small brake to drink (Bubu) and to see taped videos (me:o).
I didn´t want to make a space between the end of the carpet and a tunel because she would jump over it maybe but she jumped anyhow:o).
Is it possible she wants to jump on the beginning of anything she meets? (red plank, black carpet, yellow tunel…)
And I really don´t know when to cklick exactly if RUN occure:o).
And still don´t understand the chemistry of changing the distance. Last few tries were better?, where would you move the tunel next? Closer or more far?

naslovna23Yes, you marked the tries correctly. It seems that if she leaps where the carpet starts, she leaps at the end of the plank too and when she runs on the 1st stride, she mostly runs till the end. Hopefully, this set up will make her less sensitive about the changes. For now, use the last set up yes and see what you get after some more sessions. If the trend is good, you could try to make her even less sensitive to things on the ground by adding lines to the carpet, extra carpet on part of this one etc. We’ll next be pulling carpets further down and moving the tunnel further out.

jáAnd should I click at the end of the carpet?


naslovna23At this point, I would just go for running, mark it with a voice and switch to the clicker later on, once we start working on hits/feet placement.

 24. 8. sobota

we did one day brake and we were “hiking” (I´m quite big right now:o).
Is this what you ment?

We brought a tunnel in the evening so we can try it with it tomorrow.

naslovna23Hm, yes, but she is still leaping, she just can’t decide where to leap now :) You can try to remove the tape, it looks like she tries to leap over the line. She will probably still find another reason to leap though :) so yes, try the tunnel too.

Hjáow far behind the end of the carpet should the tunel be? And can we use U-tunel or only straight?


naslovna23I think you’ll need a straight one -- and then just experiment with distances, from right at the end to 5m and see what gives you best results. 

The plank on the ground looked very bouncy and this plank looks like a trampoline.
I wonder why you, Silvia, have not commented the plank moving so much under the dog and maybe causing the leaping? Or have I missunderstood the importance of stable plank?


naslovna23Yes, raised plank looked too bouncy, but I didn’t notice the bounce on the plank on the ground? Knowing this dog, I don’t think that’s the major issue though -- but definitely worth a try!



Thanks Silvia!
As Hessu happens to have tendency for leaping I have been forced to fix many things which I thought may have given him reason for leaping: too short throws, timing of throwing, too short plank, plank with poor grip and colour of the contact. I don’t know if in reality any of those has been a real issue for him, but I know that bouncy plank for sure has never been an issue as I always fix them very carefully in order to eliminate at least one reason for leaping. :)

Yjáes, we noticed it too and plans for fixing it are ready already:o). Thanks.


22. 8. čtvrtek

today it is different again! But everything is the same I hope -- place, times, me, throwing spot, toy, plank/carpet…

naslovna23Hm, well, another thing you could try is a raised plank, with carpet half way on a plank half way on the ground, to see if we can trick her into just running when she doesn’t see well where the end is?

 jáAnd how high should I put the beginning of the plank? And she will jump up on the plank?


naslovna23Yes, put it just that high that she can still jump on it easily.


 21. 8. středa

our today attempts.
Part 1 - no chance for Bubu to run on the plank without cones...:o)))
Part 2 - I have only these attempts. In the second one are the end cones removed and no LEAP than...

naslovna23Great -- let’s hope that stays a pattern! :) You can keep the starting cones yes.


 20. 8. úterý

I just don´t know…
Firts part is from afternoon -- the same time and the same conditions like yesterday but she strided longer than usually (on the carpet) so we ended it up.
Second part is two hours later. She strided like usually (on the carpet) but we still have so few runs on the plank…

The first idea was to send you only plank-tries but I would like you to see the carpet runs too.

naslovna23It would probably be too good to be true, but maybe remove the cones to make the plank look more like carpet? And carpet over the plank, you tried already and it didn’t work? Regardless of how you set the carpet? Another option you could still try is a tunnel right after a plank to see if that makes her run rather as leap…

19. 8. pondělí

we tried to run the whole summer but we didn´t tape it… We had still the same problem -- best seen on the first video. She run, than she started to leap and never stoped:o). So we tried to find out what to do with it. She really ALWAYS runs on the carpet, so in the purpose to reward (JP) her as much as possible we switch between carpet and the plank after each LEAP on the plank. You can see in on the second video. Does it make sence?

This is very common behaviour for her -- after she starts to make mistake she usually repeat it than although I don´t reward it. She doesn´t care and only way is to stop it and start something different.

naslovna23Sure, you can switch between carpet&a plank to remind her of running if she starts to leap. Another thing to try would be to just end a session after a leap.

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