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P1140772Dneska měla Bubu akční den. Dala si i agility i klikání. V agility jí zase postihl výpadek paměti a nikdy neviděla ani jednu tyčku slalomu a v životě nedostala vypouštěcí povel, ale klikání jí šlo báječně!!!





so today after agility lesson came tricks lesson:o).
Pivot: I did only one side and tried to add cue, second direction is let for the next session because I don´t want to confuse her. Today no jumping:o))).
4in: Is this small enough or should I find next even smaller box? She did great! But I don´t know how small is possible:o).
Paw: I already named this paw but this is for the first time in down position. When I move my hand more right, she offers me the second one. We will work on it.
And question again. What is the right order? trick -- click -- cue -- treat? Or is there even anything like right order?




naslovna23The best is to say a cue just as you see she will perform it, so the order is cue-trick-click-treat. Her pivots sure look great now! For 4in, I would stay with this size for now and if you see she is completely balanced, maybe try a bit smaller one too – but this one sure looks really small already! Getting there with crossed paws, just continue like this yes!

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