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Takhle většina našeho klikání nevypadá, ale o mnoho klidnější to taky nebývá. Tentokrát Bubu hlady pravděpodobně šilhala, takže po granulkách úplně šílela.




 jáWell, nothing new so far in this session but I wanted you to see it. We were after a long walk (12km in mountains, out of leash, 8degrees, partly rain) and one hour of resting (coffee for me). On the walk we trained recall (she did great) and did some tricks for food (cik/cap around trees, stays, barking etc.), so she can not be so hungry!!! But you can see her:o))).
Pivoting: should I name this side before I will try to shape other direction? She jumps all the time but in some calmer situations she jumps only little bit:o))). I already started with second direction and she looks like no problem with it. The second direction is harder for her. Sometimes she is not as crazy as on the video and things goes better:o))).
Food: she doesn´t care about the bowl with food on the floor but everytime I click, she attacks my hand with no mercy:o).
Backing: As I wrote, in the room is backing completely ok. Again, in not so exited situations, she is able to back 5-6meters far.

naslovna23She sure looks hungry! :) She makes a whole new exercise from a simple pivot :) But jumping into heel position is fine too, so I would let it be – just try to rather click walking as leaping. You can name this direction yes and then work on the other direction. For a frog, keep working on a duration of a stretch. Backing up looks really good already, just make sure she is still moving when you click, to not get too much stopping in between.

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